Bon Secours Sisters

The Bon Secours Convent is located next to St. Dunstan's Church. Sister Winifred is the Parish Sister and she is an essential and valuable part of the local parish.  Sister Winifred visits the sick and housebound, as well as helping in various administrative roles.  The Sisters of Bon Secours were founded in Paris in 1824, amidst the devastation following the French Revolution. The Sisters proposed nursing the sick in their homes, serving wherever a need was present. 

Since 1824, Bon Secours has brought the message of compassionate healing, hope and reconciliation. From health care to education to housing, hospital and clinic to parish, urban to rural, Bon Secours responds to a universal need: To provide to all who suffer a reason to live and a reason to hope.

For more information click on the Bon Secours Website. You can contact Sister Winifred on 01628 522956